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Client Testimonials

Emily is a wonderful person and has an incredible eye for detail and listening to what you want. She took care of the coordination and communication with the individual contractors and all the deliveries. I was able to work as if nothing was going on at home the entire time. She's fantastic and I would recommend her to anyone looking for someone with a GREAT personality and brilliant taste. My apartment is a completely different space then what I purchased. Very pleased.Read More

We collaborated with Emily on a residential development project in Williamsburg where Emily was in charge of the interior design for the lobby while my responsibility was to commission artists to create site-specific works for the indoor spaces. Emily also oversaw the actual construction of the lobby. Emily is a great partner: she is always on time and on budget, a great communicator, and knows how to balance perfectionism with creative out of box-solutions when needed. The level of sophistication of her work can be easily experienced by just looking at the details of the decor of that lobby. I am looking forward to working with her on new projects.Read More

I've worked with Emily on two personal design projects and one office redesign. She is a pleasure to work with and I recommend her to anyone who is looking for design support. She has a great ability to understand your needs and style and translate that into a beautiful space. She's incredibly responsive and always goes the extra mile to make sure things get done properly. She is also very mindful of budget and does her best to save money without compromising quality. I can't recommend enough!!Read More

Loved working with Emily! She was very friendly, responded quickly & a pleasure to work with all around. Will definitely refer her in the future!Read More

Fantastic Design. Responsive. Professional. I have used Inside Elements for my Coop Board (with some difficult board members) and on my own projects. Inside Elements did a great job.Read More